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Venetian Plaster: The Hottest Home Finish in Northern California

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Venetian plaster is in a unique category all of its own, bordering the lines between paint and traditional wallpaper. 

While it was a popular wall finish in the distant past, the trend eventually died down when timber and other materials surged into mainstream architecture. However, Venetian plaster has recently been revitalized into 21st century home design and modern décor because of its versatility and longevity.

Its simple yet sophisticated appearance makes for the perfect addition to high-end renovations, luxury condos and suites, revitalized European-inspired homes, and any other design project imaginable. 

Professional designers crave it, and Northern California residents love it. It’s so much better than the rest.

What is VP (Venetian Plaster)

In a nutshell, Venetian plaster (aka lime plaster) is a type of putty that is made using a combination of natural limestone, water, marble dust, and optional color tinting. The limestone is heated before being added to water. The water and limestone mixture sits for a while, and marble dust is added to create the final product.

Venetian plaster is great because it is all-natural (unless color or an aggregate is added), contains no toxins, is durable and long-lasting, easy to maintain, and comes in a massive variety of colors and styles. With so many perks, there’s no wonder why it’s the hottest trend in modern design. 

Endless Color Matching

Northern California homeowners- especially San Francisco residents- are blessed with vintage-style and culture-classic homes that are charming and decadent. Venetian plaster is one of the only wall finishes that can revitalize a space while retaining (and adding to) its vintage charm. 

If you prefer a more natural, earthy tone, you might not need to add any tint to your limestone plaster. However, if a pale pink is more your style, a few drops of organic or synthetic coloring can do just the trick. Your color options are never-ending, which means Venetian plaster can be paired with any style. 

Examples of Venetian Plaster Styles

Just like your color options are endless, so is style. Venetian plaster is sort of an umbrella term with sub-terms under it. Meaning, not all Venetian plaster is made the same. Limestone is a consistent component, yes, but some styles include sand, while others do not. Here is a quick list of popular Venetian plaster types.

  • Marmorino
  • Scagliola
  • Sgraffito

Depending on your preferred plaster type, you can create an assortment of design styles ranging from polished to distressed. 

Where to Get Venetian Plaster

Never fear, Northern California trendsetters. You can find your favorite Venetian plaster at most hardware and home improvement stores- as well as Amazon.

DIY-ing it is always an option if you’re the kind to tackle home renovations yourself. However, to maintain a quality standard, it is always best to consult with your local professional.

Visit Art Plastering to learn more and see a full list of Venetian plastering services that will liven up your space. 

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