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Renovating for Modern Design? Venetian Plaster Should Be Your Top Choice

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Is your home aging away, restricted by its old design and outdated features? If you answered yes, then it is time for a renovation- a modern design renovation, accompanied by Venetian plaster. 

You’ve probably seen classic Venetian plaster adorning the walls of ancient buildings, classical architecture, and pre-19th century structures. Still, in 2020 you can also find it gracing the walls of any top-quality ultra-modern New York City or San Francisco living room. 

Venetian plaster is making a considerable comeback amid innovative homeowners and modern trendsetters across the nation. If it is not already your top choice for a wall finish, it should be.

What is Venetian Plaster?

Elegant and beautiful, timeless and contemporary, simple yet impactful. These are just a few adjectives that can describe what Venetian plaster embodies. Venetian plaster is a type of plaster originating from ancient Italy, but it can be traced back to other countries as well.

Limestone, water, and marble dust are combined to create a thick putty that can then be colored with organic or synthetic ingredients. Since the components of Venetian plaster are all-natural, it is free from toxins and is safe to use on interior walls. 

Creative Approach & Special Finishes

Now that you can rest easy knowing Venetian plaster is non-toxic AND beautiful, let’s talk about creativity. The plaster can be tinted with any color you desire, making your design options endless. Get creative with color and tone, and don’t forget about the many different finishes Venetian plaster comes in.

One popular finish is called Marmorino. This type of Venetian plaster can be used to create soft, polished finishes, as well as either matte or glossy ones. The great part about this limestone plaster is how many ways it can be used to create the look you want- from rough textures and distressed patterns to soft, iridescent shimmers.

Any Color Match Possible

The base material Venetian plaster is composed of lacks color other than its natural, earthy tones. But, that doesn’t mean it cannot be tinted to match the tone you need to make your space complete. 

Whites, beiges, and lighter tones are the most popular shades in modern design. Some people even tint their plaster to resemble a dark, rich color. No matter your preference, Venetian plaster gives you the flexibility to color match any design possible.

How Venetian Plaster Fits with Modern Design

With the help of Venetian plaster, you can transform any space into a modern oasis. Even Tuscan-style or old-French homes can be revamped with the right plaster while still retaining their classic charm. Modern design has a few rules-of-thumb: minimal decor, crisp colors, simple yet elegant, movement and space, depth, and dimension. 

Venetian plaster checks off all the marks on that list. Its sleek, simple aesthetic complements the materials used in modern design, and its texture reflects light perfectly, adding a layer of depth and elegance into any space.

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