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Remodeling a House? Make it Shine With a Venetian Plaster

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You’ve probably seen it before without even realizing. Those vintage-looking walls that have an old-French style and feel. It is not wallpaper, and it is not quite paint. What is it? I’ll give you a hint: it’s Venetian plaster.

While traditional wallpaper or a durable coat of paint might be the first to pop in your mind, you should consider using a Venetian plaster for your next home remodel. This luxury finish is making a huge comeback in modern design, due to its earthy appearance and sleek look. 

If you’re remodeling your home, Venetian plaster could be the finishing touch that brings your whole space together seamlessly. 

What is Venetian Plaster?

Don’t let the name fool you. Venetian plaster may sound like some ancient prodigy stucco, but it is actually just a type of putty made from limestone, marble dust, and water. 

The limestone is heated in a large furnace that transforms it from its original form, Calcium Carbonate, to Calcium Oxide. The Calcium Oxide is the limestone powder that forms the base of Venetian plaster. 

Combine the powder with water and let it sit for some time, and you’re left with hydrated slaked lime that can then be mixed with marble dust to create a beautiful, unique plaster just waiting to grace your home with its luster.  

Why is Venetian Plaster Worth Considering?

Venetian plaster is worth considering for your next home remodel because of its resurgence in popular interior design. It has an iridescent, soft, contemporary feel that adds both depth and subtle waves of color. Natural light bounces off the limestone, creating an ethereal experience. 

Venetian plaster is quite low-maintenance and extremely durable on top of its incredible design quality and otherworldly aesthetic. You won’t have to worry about breathing in harmful chemicals or dust either; Venetian plaster is non-toxic, breathable, and resistant to molds and mildews. 

Types of Venetian Plaster (Special Finishes)

There are many different types of Venetian plaster that, when applied, all reveal different finishes. Each special finish is composed of slightly different materials, but all contain some form of limestone. When choosing your plaster finish for your next home remodel, pick the style that resembles the look you are going for. Some Venetian plaster finishes look soft and smooth, while others appear harder and textured. These two are popular options.


Marmorino is a very popular Venetian plaster style. It can either be finely crushed to create a smooth, polished effect or be made to resemble textured natural stone. 


This style of Venetian plaster is composed of slaked lime, sand, and marble dust. It gives off a warm, matte, almost cloudy appearance. 

Is Venetian Plaster Expensive?

The short answer here is it can be. It all depends on your desired interior design needs. It is a much cheaper alternative to marble or other similar stones. You can create the look of marble for a fraction of the cost. However, it can cost anywhere from $8 and up (per square foot) to get a new coat of Venetian plaster. 

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