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Best Venetian Plaster Service in San Francisco Bay Area

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Are you in the market for a new wall finish or ultimate home renovation? Venetian plaster is all the rage these days. A once long-forgotten wall finish? Not anymore. 

It graced the homes and structures of ancient Rome and Greece for centuries, but now, Venetian plaster shines on the walls of luxury homes, modern architecture, and sophisticated new builds. 

Many people choose to DIY Venetian plaster themselves, but it is quite a job and takes time, effort, and patience to get it just right. 

What is Venetian Plaster?

Venetian plaster is a magical wall finish that can take any color and texture you choose. It is made from all-natural limestone, water, and marble dust. The limestone is heated with fire until it oxidizes, and then it is placed in a bat of water to age. Once it has reached the perfect consistency, marble dust is mixed in to create the putty we use to plaster our walls.

Unlike other harmful paints or wall adhesives, Venetian plaster is non-toxic because of its organic ingredients. The only unnatural component (in most cases) is a coloring agent, but color is optional, depending on your interior design needs.

Since Venetian plaster (aka limestone plaster) is made from stone, it is very durable and will last for decades without signs of decay or discoloration. The limestone is also “breathable”, which means it is resistant to mildew and mold.

Why Should I Consider Working with an Expert?

DIY projects are always fun, but have you considering saving yourself the extra time and frustration by hiring a limestone plaster expert?

Consistent Quality 

Unless this is your umpteenth time prepping for and applying Venetian plaster, you will likely fumble and not achieve the look you are going for. Working with a plaster expert takes the frustration and inconsistency away. A pro-plaster-master knows how to achieve a consistent result with one go around.

Expert Technique 

Venetian plaster artisans have spent time developing their own expert technique. While you may crave that distressed, brushed look and not know where to start, an expert already has a plan in mind and can take action immediately. 

Professional Knowledge

They bring the knowledge and know-how needed to transform your space into the design paradise of your dreams. Expert Venetian plaster artisans know all there is to know about paints, wallpapers, prepping methods, finishes, pet and kid-friendly materials, color choices, and more. 

Best Venetian Plaster Service in San Francisco Bay Area

You can find the best Venetian plaster painter right here in the San Francisco Bay area; his name is Marcin Legowski. Originally a native of London, Marcin came to California to sharpen his skills and enjoy that sunny Cali sun we love so much. During his time in San Francisco, he has worked with the best in his field on projects ranging from residential to commercial.

His Venetian plastering service, Art Plastering, is the best in San Francisco because he holds over a decade of professional knowledge that spans continents. Not only is he an expert painter and plaster-master, but he is also a proud father and treats his clients with the same attentive care he shows his family.

Visit Art Plastering to learn more and see a full list of Venetian plastering services.

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